Reference | 06. Components synchronization

06. Components synchronization

To simplify the work with the service, automatic synchronization of components is implemented:

Renaming properties, fields, columns

  • When you rename either a property, a field, or a column, all related items (properties) in all related classes, forms, and lists are automatically renamed.
  • If you add an Admin Form without specifying a Post Type Name (associated class), a new class will be automatically created. In this case, the Form name must end with "Admin" (for example, Person Admin), then the name of the associated class will be formed from the form name minus the Postfix Admin (for example, Person). If the form name does not contain Admin, the Postfix will be automatically added.
  • When you add a field whose name does not match any property of the associated class (that is, the field is unrelated), automatically property of the same name will be created in the associated class (post type) with the corresponding field Control property Type.
  • When you delete a field in a form. A related property of a class (post type) will be removed if it is not associated with one of the other components. For example, a property can be associated with a form Frontend field, then it will not be deleted.