Reference | 01. Overview

01. Overview

What Autocoder is? - WordPress business logic generator. Business logic is generated as a regular plugin that you can install on your WordPress.

To generate a plugin you need

  1. create a project that corresponds to one installable plugin.
  2. Add the necessary business logic components to the project
  3. Download the generated plugin and install i

Components are divided into the following types:

  1. The components describing the data - Post Type is an internal WordPress structure that stores data
  2. Forms - AdminForm, FrontendForm - for these components to work, you need a related Post Type that will store the data that the forms will reference. AdminForm - one is created for each post type, displayed in the WordPress console and allows you to edit or add data for a specific post type. FrontendForm - allows you to create forms for collecting data on frontend pages.
  3. Lists - AdminList, TableList, ViewList - for the work of lists, you also need the associated Post Type. The list displays data from the associated post type.